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flight school

Pro Member Captain
atreyu Captain

hey, there is an airport by where i live and they have flying lesson, but when i went to there website they make it sound like they wont teach you if your not 16. now i know mypilot is getting lessons and hes not 16 (there probably other here too) so what do you guys think? is it up to the school to decide the age limit of there students or what? i am 14 and here is a link to there site

Pro Member Chief Captain
99jolegg Chief Captain

Here is a section from their website:

Somewhere there is someone just like you who recently became a pilot. Although the average student pilot is 32 years old, anyone 16 years old or older can learn to fly an airplane. People from a variety of occupations and backgrounds all over the world have trained and are training to become pilots.

That either means that you can't learn to fly until you are 16, or pass your exam until you are 16. I had always thought that the FAA age for passing your PPL is 17 years old as it is here in the UK (I think). If this is true, then I am not sure as to why this flying school has imposed their own regulations on flying lessons for minors. The only thing I can suggest is to email them and ask for further information. Either way, it isn't expressed particularly well.

As far as I know, you can fly at the age of 10 if you can reach all of the controls comfortably and can afford it, but cannot pass your PPL until the age of 17.

Good luck Thumbs Up!

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Pro Member Chief Captain
CRJCapt Chief Captain

The reason is because you can't solo until your 16. You have to be 17 to receive your private pilot certificate. You can start flying at any age but you will spend alot of money. If you start at 14, you have 2 years to fly with an Instructor. After you reach the point that you would solo, you will still have 1 year and 11 moths to fly with an instructor. If you fly once a week to maintain your skills, it will cost you $5600 (56 weeks @ $100 per hr.) After you solo at 16, you must still fly for 52 more weeks before you can get your PPL. This can add up to near $15,000 total. Another thing is that almost half of the hours that you have to log for your PPL are solo hours. You will have to practice the same pre-solo maneuvers for 2 years and then the pre-PPL maneuvers for a year. I would recommend that you don't start any sooner than 16 1/2, 16 if you have the money.

Pro Member Captain
atreyu Captain

alright thanks for the advice crj capt. ill just go with my other plans and go into the airforce when im old enough

Pro Member Chief Captain
CRJCapt Chief Captain

The Air Force is a great choice. I didn't mean to discourage you. I just would not start at 14. If there is a Civil Air Patrol squadron in your area, I would join. They often have aircraft that you can fly for just the price of fuel and you will get valuable aviation and military experience. Learn all that you can as you wait the two years. Go and fly with an instructor once every 3-4 months. I know that two years seems like a long time but it's not. When you get my age, two years seems sometime like two months! Learn, prepare and just enjoy aviation. Just think how ready you will be when you are 16. Your instructor will think, wow this kid is good! Use flight simulator, read books and have fun. I wish I could be 14 again. Well maybe not. Smile But younger than I am. Heres a link for pilot supplies. Not the cheapest place but they have a large assortment.

Pro Member Chief Captain
mypilot Chief Captain

OK, after being gone for a while I'm going to put my input in.
Flying is a great thrill and the younger you start the easier it will be to get your liscnece when your 17. My new instructor is only 21 years old, he trained with Peter my old instructor. My flight instructor had 100 hours when he was 17 and passed his IFR and Private Pilot's liscence all at the same time. Fly about 1 once a month to keep your fingers in touch with everything and keep using the sim. Good Luck~! Very Happy

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