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Hi all,

I emailed some fella about a panel he had made. He replied with a gauge he has asked me to try out for the 737. I havent got an igloo what to do with it.
It is a xml file. Ive only just figured out how to install panels 😂

Does anybody know what I should do with it?

Thanks 😀

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If it is a gauge file, then I think it should be placed in the FS9 Gauge Folder within the whole FS9 folder. The only query I might have with that is I don't remember ever seeing an .XML file being in my gauge folder, but I could be completely wrong on that. Does he not provide a readme or any other instructions?

You may want to wait a while so someone can be a bit more specific; I don't want to bugger it up for you 😉

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I think it is to fix a fault in his original panel.

I havnt got a clue how this works, does that help?

Thanks 😀

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I would cut and paste and rename the current files in a seperate folder and install the gauges into the one that is there for the gauges in the 737. I am not sure why it is named an XML file for sure. I don't think that you will hurt anything by doing it. If it doesn't work just remember where you put the orginal at.

I hope this helps.

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