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I new to the whole flight simulator thing and i have just purchased FS9. I have now also got the Concord expantion pack by Altitude. When ever i laod a Concord, I take off the parking brakes at the start of the runway, put full throttle on and nothing happens. It then says that the engines havnt started to i press Ctrl + E to start the engines. This for some reason doesnt work so just pressing every button on the dashboard usually works. Then when you put full throttle on again it doesnt seem to go anywhere. Eventually it starts but just seems to make sudden movements going left to right. It never seems to get about 10Knots and along the runway at this pathetic speed it just wants to go 3metres right and then immediately after 2 metres right which gets very anoying as it never seems to fly.

Many suggestions

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If I understand you correctly, your Concorde is made or published by a company called Altitude.
I haven't heard anyone here mention this add-on, I can't even find their website.
If you bought it in a box, there should be a manual with it. Also make sure that you followed the installation instructions correctly.
If you downloaded the add-on, the site will have support, FAQ and a forum.
It's difficult to troubleshoot your problem for anyone who doesn't have that same Concorde as they tend to be quite complex Idea

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This is a very complex add-on and you can't start it by pressing the good old CTRL + E compo. You will have to read through the PDF that came with the CD.

Hope this helps



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Yes, Altitude is the make. Bought it of eBay item number 8256023224. 800+ page manual here i come then. Thanks for your help anyway.


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