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How tha heck can i get my plain to stear it self in the air with the gps?? I just want to land!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Have a read of that post 😉 Set your GPS/NAV switch to GPS and then on your AP, engage 'NAV' 😉


Thanks my brother!


Before set The Nav to GPS
Click on the alltidued
Set Veticle Speed (CLIMB) I prefer +1500 to +2000 For Climb
And For Desent -2000 to -2500
and set the autopilot to heading and after takeoff put gear up and hit autopilot to turn it on.
Then select NAV ON the Autopilot dash board to once air traffic control tell you to change your heading to set you on course with GPS

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jdh1094 Trainee

I'm flying a ILS Runway 1 approach into Ronald Reagan in a 747. I make the final turn. I slow the plane to 170 kias. It takes a nose dive into the Potomic....WHY???????????????

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Are your flaps down? KDCA is a little short for a B-747 unless you're really light. I suggest KIAD Washington Dulles, it has longer runways. In real life, B-747 don't land at KDCA. Here is a Vref chart I computed for the default B-747-400:

Boeing 747-400 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Vref Landing Speeds

Weight-Lbs./speed (KIAS) Flaps 30

880,000 /181
837,000 /176
794,000 /171
751,000 /165
708,000 /160
665,000 /155
622,000 /150
579,000 /145
536,000 /139
493,000 /134
450,000 /129

Weights are in pounds and speed is in knots indicated airspeed (KIAS)
Flaps 30 for all weights. I hope that it helps. 🙂

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