Surround Gaming is back!!`


I know there have to be quite a few people here interested in this:

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Whoops, forgot to login. Supposedly it will support SLI and Crossfire too.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It better be good at $150 to $200.


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Solotwo Chief Captain

Plus 3 flat screen monitors. 🙂

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Good find eddiejclayton! 🍻

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Rainman Simulators has now taken on the Australian distribution for Simpit Technologies, this is an unprecedented surround video system at 250*50 degrees home level gaming and above, previously the exclusive domain of the military now available for home use.
Systems start at AUD$6210 and come with the projectors and software ready to install on your computer and will work with a wide variety of software and games to IMMERSE YOURSELF like never before, whether racing, flying or first person shooter
Still under development is a budget 3DOF motion platform to work with the screen systems.
This is so recent that the Australian site is still under construction but enquiries can be made via

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