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Hey all - I hear talk about flight sim with multi-monitor and surround view, but I'm not getting it. I see screenshots of 3 and more screens all showing terrain like true surround video, but mine is not working.

I can drag windows to any monitor, and can even split my view between two monitors - but I cannot get my terrain view to run anything wider than 1 screen size. If I drag the box to full width across multiple screens, the terrain picture still ramins the width of 1 monitor only.

Am I missing something?


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I am "playing" with that matter for some time. I never
read any thing like surround window as it described in your post. The closest idea was to devide your monitor (or at your case the 2 monitors if you can spread your "picture" to 2 monitors) to 3 and to place
left-front view to left side right-front to right side
and the rest to the middle.
Other method to put left and right to the second monitor and to place the second monitor above or under the main one.
By the way what frame rate you have after opening 2-3
views? What card are you using?
I am rely interested to hear from you. I just both a new card (ATI 9600xt)
just to impruve the usage of multiple monitors

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Try thise one. If not help is still interesting


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