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i'm ok at editing the sound config, but after using fs passengers i really want to use braking sounds when on the ground.

i've taken the sound from fspassengers ready to use it in whatever aircraft i choose, but i have found no way of using it yet as i can;t find the variable to set it ie. [ground_brake]

does anyone know of a soundset with ground braking included for me to look at?

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My suggestion: Wait for the FSpax users, they should be able to help you Yes

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

I'm an FSPax user!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but no, sorry, I can't help.. though I'd like to accomplish the same you're trying to accomplish right now. if you manage to fix it, would you mind giving me the braking sound file hinch?

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if i manage it i'll let everyone know Wink

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breakthrough! now will it work..

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