MSFS 2004 Configuration file(FS9.cfg)

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Some programs require you to edit your FS9.cfg file. To do this, follow these steps. Note: This file is usually located within the %appdata% \Microsoft\FS9 folder.

1.Click Start, and then click Run.
2.In the Open box, type the following: %appdata%\Microsoft\FS9
3.Right-click FS9.cfg, and then click Open with. You may see another dialog that asks you if you want to open the file – if so then click “Open with” again.
4.Windows may tell you that it cannot open the file. If so please choose the “Select the program from a list” option.
5.Under Choose the program you want to use, click WordPad.
6.If necessary click to clear the Always use this program to open this file check box.
7.Click OK.
8.Add the appropriate lines from below to the appropriate section in the document.
9.Click File, and then click Save.
10.Click File, and then click Exit.
11.IF your CFG becomes damaged you can use the following steps to rebuild it if you did not create a backup.

To rebuild the Flight Simulator configuration file, follow these steps:

Click Start, click Run, type %appdata%\Microsoft\FS9 , and then click OK.
Rename the FS9.CFG file to FS9.BAK .
Start Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight.
Restarting Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight rebuilds the configuration file. 🙂

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Another way is to use the fscofigurator tool
Also lets you speed up taxing aircraft ➡

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Very very useful infos Gents. 👍 👍 👍

Thanks a lot ❗

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Thanks TTT. I've never heard of that utility. I'll have to download it. 🙂

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Its a great little tool that lets you into every little corner of fs9 Hack 😉

If you do start altering various cofig files(experimenting 🙄 )make a note of the original values,just incase 😉

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