Caribbean Islands

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This area makes for interesting flying as the range of airfields is considerable, ranging from very short to normal international standard.
Some of the landings are very challenging.

It is worth looking at the LIAT website (Leeward Islands Air Transport) who operate services from Santo Domingo in the North to Guyana in the south using a variety of smaller propellor aircraft - I'm not aware of any jets. A total of 19 places are served by timetabled services. Their website has a good route map but to date I haven't managed to locate anything like a full timetable - like the railways they will tell you services for particular dates.

In the past they operated HS748 and Islander aircraft but I expect the first have all gone and probably replaced with Canadian Dash aircraft of one sort or another. STOL is part of the spec. in many places. This is definitely needed landing on the downhill approach at St Bartholemy.

In the past their timetabling was a bit erratic and they earned the soubriquet "Leave Island Any Time" but perhaps it is a tighter organisation nowadays.

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