almost in space?

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alright- download a mean looking aircraft (military aircraft) and then put the throttle all the way up and when you are going fast enough take off and go straight up. When the altitude metre reaches its maximum turn your aircraft so you are looking up and the sky is black 😉

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But that doesn't mean you're in space, does it? It only means you're looking up. And you can never go THAT high in FS without the slew mode.

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go to the map symbol,set the alt at the highest and there you are,black sky.

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Sometimes I'm amazed at the details the Flight Simulator design team put into MSFS 2004. The Aurora Borealis, sky darkening near the edge of the atmosphere and views of the moon are just a few that are interesting. I looked up space and read an interesting article about the point where space begins, astronaut wings and insignia and orbital space flight. It's interesting to note that the US has a different definition than the rest of the world as to the beginning point of space. To bad that MSFS 2004 won't let you go into Space. X-Plane will allow space flight. There's a free simulator called Orbiter but I've never tried it. I would love to go up in the space shuttle(after they get their act together). 🙂

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Yes.. I have X-Plane, and that's just about the only cool thing about it. The re-entry is such a challenge. Wow, I have such respect for astronauts.

..and then they have ONE shot to put that thing down on the runway.

Fun in the game.. but not my thing in real life. I prefer to keep it under FL400


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lol yeah doing this stuff in real life would be hard. imagine all the buttons you gotta get right! 😳

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