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ATC Anomaly

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Arkydave First Officer

On two occasions recently, while flying IFR into KOAK under AI ATC, I've had near misses with other aircraft, and not a word out of ATC. 😳 Both times I was getting vectors to an ILS approach, and both times I was flying a slower turboprop, and was overtaken by another plane. First time it was a B737, second time a MD-83. In both cases, the larger, faster plane was in a bank, coming onto the same course vector that I was on. They levelled out in front of me and proceeded to land ahead of me. Big bullies. Mad

Anyone else had similar poor (scary, dangerous, inept) performance from the MS ATC crew?

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Jim Glockner (jimmyglockner) Trainee

ArkyDave, I had a similar experience a couple months ago. Don't remember the arrival airport. Same situation. Heavy came right over the top of me. Had to do a go-around.

Not sure why this happened. Perhaps a more seasoned sim flyer can help us out here.

Happy flying and hold on to your seat!


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coolsan First Officer

Yesterday I got landing clearance from atc, and right after that another plane got take off clearance in the same runway I was landing on!!
I ignored atc's grotesque mistake and landed safely, but it would have been a head-on collision. I guess atc has a glitch or two, but overall I feel it does a good job. Hack

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

It starts getting really hairy when ultimate traffic is installed. I was on the final approach to Minneapolis-St. Paul in my 737 and was flying next to an MD-80, a Dashville turboprop, and another 737. I think there were a few other planes in the lineup too. Since air traffic control didn't seem to mind that I was only a few hundred feet from most of these planes, I pushed my engines a little and flew passed them all so that I wouldn't have to go-around. Sure it might not always do a great job, but hey, they did a pretty bang-up job with it =).

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Well, it's not really the same thing, but it was kinda similar. I was flying down to chicago in a king air, and the ATC suddenly goes. "Kingair AIR-BEIA, you are 4 above your assigned altitude, decend and maintain 4, contact tower on 4, ILS approach runway 4." I nearly freaked out and cancelled, but as it turned out, i had the sound turned down a bit, and it was glitching up. It was pretty darn funny.

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Paiute First Officer

I had the same thing happened to me a while ago. I dont remember the aircraft or the airport, but when I was lined up with the localizer and about to slide down the glide slope ATC told me I was "clear to land". Shortly thereafter a jet airliner flew over the top of me and landed on my runway. The tower then told me to "go around". I ignored him and landed anyway. I wasn't in the mood to do a "go around". 🙂)

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Arkydave First Officer

I pretty much try to play the game and do whatever ATC tells me to do. About the only time I ignore them is when I'm taxiing and they tell me to hold position because of the plane that's 6 miles out on final. 🙄

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