Some FSX ATC problem

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When i start a new IFR flight plan, i first make the IFR clearance to ATC.
ATC will answer me what attitude,departure frequency and a code. I readback to ATC. Then ATC have no respond to me.

In ATC message box, There are no any choice for me to choose. Just display "No messages ......." etc

I try to change frequency to Tower. Doesnt work!

What i need to do? please help me. 😕

Thank you

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Greg West (BashDaBish) First Officer

How odd.

I can only relate to when that happens to me and it is usually when I have left the engines off for a while.

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

Well, because of my horrible system I havn't been able to experiment 😞

But yes, it seems that MS need to develop a patch....and soon! 🙂

CaptainKW Guest

WOW! im so glad im not the only one! i thought i was going mad! My IFR is screwed too! Mine flys me most of the way, then when im about 15nm from my destination it just stops and asks if i want to "follow flight plan" or something on those lines. i hit that to see what happened and i just pass over where i need to be going. as soon as i hit that i just says radar contact and something else then gives me the option to choose the nearest airport?!!?!

Quite frustrating! i was flying from Boston to New york to see the scenery in New york but cudnt see any big buildings or anything?!!?!?! where was Manhattan? i duno?! i usually stick to UK flights coz thats what i know but thought i wud try a day flight in america and my IFR stills buggers up!!


Welcome to club, I've just found this bug and its a real pain. From what I've read in this forum there appear to be a large number of bugs in this latest verson that need to addressed. One other thing I've noticed is that I seem unable to turn the ATC messge display off on the general settings panel. Whenever I go back the setting has a tick againt it. I expect I'll find more as I continue to experiment with X

I do not have any issues with the graphics etc as MS are attempting to make it future proof, for the time being anyway, but I do think that the fundermentals should work.

Happy Flying

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Same here as I had mentioned earler in this post.

Matt001 Guest

I have the same ATC problems with IFR as related in the post linked above (still unresolved), but I have also had two occasions where, as mentioned in this thread, I have been given ATC options to select but clicking them just made them flash and did not result in any communication.

On the first occasion I was in a DC-3 and eventually realised I had forgotton to switch on the radio (overhead switch)! On the second occasion (I can't recall which plane I was in) I had the radio on but I had neglected to turn on the gen switches, so there was no power going to the radio (or any other electrical system). I guess this latter occasion is similar to BashDaBish's example where his engines had been off for a while (batteries dead and no power gen from the engines).

Just my thoughts... 😎

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