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Something that you guys may have heard of before, Seti@Home. You can help our host by joing their Seti at home team. You can read the full Seti at Home article here and instructions on joining. Guys, I want your comments - lets promote, talk and make this a hot topic!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 I think that there is somthing out there
My job used to take me all over the UK and at all times of day and night.....Ive seen plenty of strange objects.Most I can say are aircraft,but two still puzzle me Dont Know

Going out one night from home TO THE PUB a single very bright light (very high) followed by three smaller red lights(very dim) closed on to the bright light and just faded away with no sound(poss military refuel???)
3 to witness with me

The other was a silver cigar shape over the easy answer to this one.Too high for a ship,too quick for a blimp........????

Anyone else?

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Arkydave First Officer

While I'm quite interested in the subject on extraterrestrial life, and support the goals of SETI, I'm not quite trusting enough to open my computer to them for unrestricted access. In this day, there are so many slick bad-doers out there, you can't trust anyone. If I were one of those slick bad-doers, and read about this effort, I'd be thinking "How can I impersonate SETI and gain access to all those personal computers?" Just a distressing thought to get your day going. 😞

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Rambunctious First Officer uses spare CPU grunt to look for a much more real and present solution to our problems: Cancer & smallpox. There are no spies, ads nor trojans included in this software.

Speaking from experience, it's much more flexible in the setup than SETI as well.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Had a look at the seti@home site and have much the same reservations as 'arkydave' and 'rambunctious' and am not really interested in ET search as a science. I feel that there enough problems in this world that spare CPU capacity could be used to alleviate/help in sorting out.
I spent my working life monitoring signals from all over and out of this world and am of the opinion that if there is anything out there, then they would have communicated with us before now - they maybe just don't want to - and who would blame them 😉

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