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the 977th Gaming Community is currently looking for people outside the US to join our gaming community, we have had alot of members since our we opened our doors in 1999, if you love to play lots of games,and love to chat,then the 977th gaming community is for you, we have members from all over the world including Singapore,USA,Australia..but we still need more members to fill our game rooms that we offer to all members including new recruits. www977th.net/portal is our website, and our teamspeak ip is and port 8768, when logging on our teamspeak,please make sure you use a nickname other than guest1,as perl mod will auto kick if you come in as guest1,and if that doesnt,one of the serveradmins who sees you with that nickname will kick you..we require anywhere between 2 members and more to join our clan.. thank-you

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