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color coded programmable keypad

ianm Guest

I saw one of these a while back, can't remember what it was called, it had loads of ms flight keys color coded so you know what they mean and easy to see.
It was a separate device.
Anyone know the thing I mean please? thanks


Think this might be the one you are lookin for - 2nd one down

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I've found it! It was hard to find. It's called the X-Keys Pro. I thought I saw it in the back of an old PC Pilot magazine.(May 2004)🙂)

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hi GUest, that wasn't the one, but its brilliant, thanks for that.

I am not sure if it was the x keys, I found that very hard to find, but I am sure I saw on similar with the keys colour coded for the various functions, and similar colours together.

Perhaps there was a page on the x keys for that, but its gone?

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its something very similar to the xkeys, but I seem to recall more keys, I could be wrong tho', its not a keyboard though.

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