i cant get these aircraft carriers to work

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i just downloaded these 18 aircraft carriers from this site and i cant get them to work. The bad thing about this is that i dont understand the intalation directions. i will copy and past the directions so you can see what i have .


ArrCab Carriers Standalone Upgrade Package
27 April 2002

Copyright (c) 2002 Richard Hogen

If after reading this document and the INSTALL.TXT file you still
have questions or problems, please consult the FAQ at


*** *** *** ***



*** *** *** ***

This version adds some missing textures.

1) Remove all instances of ArrCab carriers from FS Scenery Library and from your hard disk drive. Flushing your cache may be necessary.

2) Close FS.

3) Make sure your unzip program recreates folders. Winzip and others do so automatically. Others require you to check a checkbox.

4) Unzip this archive into your FS2002 main folder with "recreate folders" enabled. This will place all the files into the correct destination folders. For example, under "...\AddOn Scenery\" there will appear a new folder called "AC CV67 CVN68", with its own \Scenery and \Texture subfolders.

5) Start FS, then use "Settings > Scenery Library" (or ALT-W-I from cockpit) per FS instructions to add scenery entries, one entry per "AC CV..." folder.

When adding, do NOT cache this scenery. Select "use scenery directly".


If you have problems with disappearing (or never appearing) carriers, then the only solution I know (beyond "use scenery directly") is to split them up into still more separate folders and Scenery Library entries. Don't forget that each carrier has a special .bmp file in the texture subfolder (not in the main FS texture folder).

6) Download ArrestorCables (the utility) from the web site and install per its instructions. The .dat file already includes entries for all of these carriers.

Read the documentation and the web site and FAQ if you're just learning how to land on carriers with ArrCab. The docs give specific instructions and tips on debugging your landings. Practice, practice, practice.

If any body can help me out plaes do ASAP. Thanks. 😞

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Substitute your folders for "Tahiti" and it's a breeze to load scenery. Follow step by step, print it out.


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Umm... Been thinking Idea

1. Extract the zip into your main FS2004 Addon Scenery folder, or into a temporary folder, and then move it there, which ever method you prefer.

2. Start up FS2004 and when the welcome screen, or initial menu comes on, select settings, then click on Scenery Library, and Add Area. Find the Addon Scenery folder and open it, then find the "Carrier" folder and click on it. The name Carrier should now appear in the title window, then click OK. Then you will see "Carrier" at the top of your scenery library list, and click the OK tab at the bottom.

I substituted "Carrier" for another word that was in these directions.
You use your 18 carrier folders and do this with each.
After you finish restart the Sim and the scenery should ; load.
I think the "Cache" business is a 2002 thing, that's what these carriers were made for.
You know of course that you have to have an aircraft that has a tailhook and that your able to deploy it.

Let us know how you do.

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