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Is there anyway to have aircraft carriers in fs2004? I have no clue if there is or not. If there is I'd like to know how to use them. If not... well whatever. 😕

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There's a carrier already in MSFS 2004 that you can land on.

Aircraft Carrier CVN-63 Kitty Hawk Off the coast of San Francisco ( Located at N37*44.39 W122* 38.32 1000' Heading 063). SAU (116.2) VOR 200 radial 8 DME. Fly Northwest out of San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or Heading 200 from the Golden Gate bridge. Deck is about Heading 060.

"Maverick requesting a fly by"....."Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern's full"

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Thanx alot CRJCapt!... But is there anyway to make the catapault work?

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No. I wish there was. 😀 You can use small, slow aircraft and just takeoff. I have landed and taken off the ford trimotor and piper cub. If you have trouble, create some wind down the deck to help you. You might even get the DC3 stopped with Hurricane force winds. 😂
You will need a third party addon for a catapult.

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Oh. Well thanks alot anyway 😀 , I will look for files for upgrades, new carriers etc.

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Or you can get Abacus Flight Deck III.

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You may want to check this out. can find it on AVSIM

File Description:
This freeware archive contains a set of gauges, effects and sounds which you can add to existing military aircraft in FS2004, and enables you to perform takeoff and approach/landing on aircraft carriers. It features: (1): A catapult gauge, enabling a catapult-launch takeoff. (2): An arrester gauge, enabling a cable trap landing. (3): A "meatball" HUD gauge, enabling accurate approaches and landings. (4): A SonicBoom effect (visual and audible) plus controller gauge. Includes extensive installation/usage documentation, with examples for several very popular aircraft. V2.0 of this package contains a large number of additions, like catapult/arrester zones and a revised HUD; for details, see the included file "Upgrade COP V1.1 to V2.0.txt".

License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 4th January 2005
Downloads: 6602
Author: Rob Barendregt, Doug Dawson, Nick Needham
Size: 1483kb

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but how do u get it to work? 😕 [/quote]

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