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Allright, i'm really mad now! During a flight, my airspeed indicator suddenly stopped giving me a reading, or, it would give an incorrect one. This happens ONLY when i load up a different weather scheme other than the default weather. It's happened EVERY time i would try a new flight too. It's not a failure, cause i know i turned them off. Someone tell me what's going on please!!!!!!!!! Evil or Very Mad

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First time post here, as a guest. I've been lurking for months; this is the first time I've know the answer to a question before everybody else posted!

I think your problem is that the pitot tube is icing up due to snow or cold conditions. Flip on the "Pitot" switch to melt the ice, and see if that helps.


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If your airspeed indicator is set to read indicated airspeed, which by the way is how they read in real aircraft, how it reads will be directly affected by weather, I.E. cold temps, hi barometer, it will read higher. Warm temps, low barometer it will read lower.

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Once while flying an IRF flight at 24,000 feet for no reason I lost all my electrical power..And I mean all...Nothing was left was just me and a blank cockpit......

So,,,,To return safetly to ground all I did was hit the * End Flight* Safe again.......We all lived.......

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