help me with cfs 2

mzeal Guest

when i go to install it i pop in cd 1 it goes to like 50 percent then it asks for cd 2 i put cd 2 in it still sais to put it in.
its in god dame it ❗ ❗
it does the same thing on both computers and both drives on computer jees ❗
1s a 2000 (that orginaly was 9😎
and other is xp
🙄 🙄 🙄

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First thing I would do is to clean the disks. Make sure that they don't have fingerprints or dust.
I think you'll have a better chance with XP.


mzeal Guest

thx for advice but we cleaned them plus we bought them today Embarassed Embarassed
😞 😞

mzeal Guest

PLUS we thought the disk was bad we returned it to store traded in for different one it still does the same thing whitch means its not the cds fault

now we need to wait for monday to call services for game

😕 🙄 Group Wave Censored Censored Censored Censored :

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Some software won't load well from a burner only a CD only drive.

Try this.
If you haven't defragged your hard drive in the last month do it.

Put CD#1 in your drive and hold down the left Shift key so auto run won't start.
Double click on the icon "My Computer"
Double click on you CD drive icon.
The files on the disk will be in a window.
Click on install or setup (maybe even exe).
Then follow the steps that the wizard tells you.

Let me know how you do.


mzeal Guest

thx for advice ill try out today maybe tommorow and ill let you know how its doing working.
thx 🙂

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