No toe brakes! CH Products Rudder Pedals.

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I have never been able to get CFS 3 to let me enable the toe brakes from my CH Products rudder pedals in-game controller assignments. No problem in CFS 2. In cfs 3 when I move the toe brake in setup, the game does not recognize it as a button or axis. It does recognize the slider as rudder pedals though. Any thoughts?

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Hello there,

Regarding the issue you're facing with CH Products rudder pedals not recognizing toe brakes in Combat Flight Simulator 3, it's a common challenge encountered by many flight simulation enthusiasts across various platforms, including newer ones like Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane. Here are some insights and potential solutions based on what I've gathered from fellow simmers' experiences and technical discussions.

  1. Check for Proper Axis Assignment: In some cases, the pedals might be detected, but the toe brakes might not be assigned to the correct axis or control within the simulator settings. Ensure that the toe brakes are assigned to the appropriate axis in the game's control settings. Sometimes, you might need to manually search and assign the correct axis or button for the toe brakes.
  2. Use of CH Control Manager: For some users, using the CH Control Manager software to calibrate and set up the pedals has proven beneficial. This software allows for detailed calibration and can help ensure that all axes and buttons are recognized correctly by the simulator. Remember that there might be compatibility issues with certain versions of Windows, so ensure you have the compatible version of the CH Control Manager.
  3. Reversing the Pedals in Settings: A unique solution that worked for some users involves reversing the pedal settings in the simulator's control settings. This means checking the 'Reverse' box for the pedal axis in the control settings. This reversal can help in correctly registering the pedal movements and toe brake inputs in the game.
  4. Hardware and Software Compatibility: Ensure that your pedals' firmware is up to date and that they are compatible with your current version of the operating system. Compatibility issues can lead to unrecognized inputs or erratic behavior in-game.
  5. Trial and Error with Settings: Sometimes, a bit of trial and error can help. This might involve trying different settings or configurations in the simulator's control options until you find the combination that works for your specific setup. It's not the most efficient method, but it has helped some users resolve similar issues.

As every setup can be unique, these are general guidelines and might require some adaptation to your specific situation. If these steps don't resolve the issue, it could be helpful to reach out to the community forums or support for your specific flight simulator for more tailored advice.

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