Landing on several runways in one IFR flight

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When I create a flight and look the destination line on the nav log, I dragged it to a nearby airport so the line goes to that airport and then from it to the destination but ATC skips it and guides me straight to the destination. ANYBODY???

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You can only have one destination at a time on a flight plan. You can request to land at any airport along the way via ATC. When you near the airport you want to land at, the ATC box should have an entry for that airport. Select the correct number to send message to ATC, it's not automatic. 🙂

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Don't u have to cancel the IFR plan first though?

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Not sure. I don't use ATC very much. I have been on a flight and half way to my destination, I requested vectors for a ILS to another airport that was not on my flight plan. I think it was a change of destination via ATC. I'll have to play with it to tell you more. 🙂

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Ok thanx.
p.s excuse the name. Not my choice! 🙄

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I believe the advice given above for Sim is correct. In the real world, you can file IFR for multiple destinations. It is call a Round-Robin IFR flight plan and it can include planned time on the ground at each location prior to the final one.

Lets assume I wanted to fly from here in Mesquite, Nevada to San Diego-Lindberg on a hot day in August. Almost every day in August is hot enough so that I cannot put myself and another person in my C-172 along with full fuel and safely take off. In that case, I would file a Round Robin IFR flight plan from Mesquite to some airport in the Las Vegas area, usually Henderson. I would plan on a fuel stop of about 45 minutes, then fly on to another mid-point airport. Depending on winds and weather, I'd probably use Dagget in the desert near Barstow. I'd plan another 45 minute stop their then plan my final leg into San Diego. All that would be on one flight plan and I would not have to get a different clearance at each airport unless my takeoff times differed significantly from those in the plan.

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So by dragging the middle of the line to a different airport (creating a 'V' sign) does it actually do anything?

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Twat boy wrote:

Don't u have to cancel the IFR plan first though?

Not exactly.

If you press ; and select Create new IFR destination you will then find yourself back at the flight planner.

Once you have selected your new destination you are asked if your wish to move your aircraft to the departure location, select no.

Once back flying again you will again need to press ; and select the option to request clearance for new IFR destination.

Follow ATC's responses and off you go!

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When you drag the course line to airport, FS just views it as just another waypoint on your route of flight. 🙂

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