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There is no user help with this program. I don't know how to make
airports more crowded. I increase the parking slide bar all the way to the right. Still bot too many aircraft parking at the C and D class airports.
Do I have to change the airport fee and landing fee for every airport?
What is the denomination for the money involved in this program? US dollar? Euro? how to change the amount figure? thanks

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I use it and my GA airports are full of traffic, both taking off and landing. I just used my entire aircraft folder, some are "overweight" so they were automatically eliminated by the program. Follow the directions step by step and it'll work beautifully.
I use Ultimate Traffic for my major airports. Check out his forum and see if the can help.


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When making AI Plane, do you select Use Air File "No Change" in the pulldown menu or flyable, or one of the models?
I dont quite know what that means. I assume no change would retain the origial characteristics of this plane.

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