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In order to practice my landings in the 737, I saved my flight on final. I landed and reset the flight and it went back to where I saved. When I closed FS and later reopened it though, it just loaded up from the location airport. What went wrong? I want to do a long haul flight soon and will want to save it mid flight but what if it starts again when I reopen FS after I've just flown 500nm??? Any help would be appreciated.

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1. Hit [ALT]
Select "Flights" then "Save flight".
Name your flight whatever you want, the description area is optional.

2. When you want to continue that flight, go to "Select a flight", Category "My saved flights",your flight will be there in the bottom panel. 🙂

A shortcut to part 1 is to hit the semicolon key ( ; ). It will bring up the same save flight box.

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