So, anyway to make ATC call you as a Airline?

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Well, now that I'm actually flying planes that represent actual airlines how can I make ATC call me by the Airline and then my call number instead of US500 etc etc.

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It seems to be a bit hit a miss with the planes i've downloaded, i.e that some come with the callsign included in the package and some don't, in which case ATC just identify you with a number.

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Have a look at this ➡


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open the aircraft.cfg using notepad
change the atc_airline=Landmark
from landmark to whatever you airline you want.
If it doesn't recognise the airline then it will spell the airline name out letter by letter. ie
atc_airline=Speed Bird
will be correct for British airways and the contoller will sa SpeedBird
but if you put in
the the ATC will say sierra, papa,echo,echo,delta,bravo,india,romeo,delta

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