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❓ hey..i need somebody's help. Couple weeks ago i had some troubles with my fs9 so i reinstalled it completly and found out that there are no airline call signs to chose from (in changing the aircraft menu).
even the call signs of the original fs9 airlines are gone(before my fs9 crashed i had a lot of addons with multiple liveries and lot of different call signs)... so i thought that when i will install some my addons the call signs will come with it.
so i istalled my PSS340, and wilco fleet CRJ which i thought would be good for signs like lufthansa,quantas.... but nothing. I am also using some kind of ultimate traffic for fs9 and when ATC calls other aircrafts, it call them by their normal airline Air France and lot of others..
HOW CAN I GET THOSE ??? and also, is there some possibility that i can get call signs of not so well-known airlines???like Edelweiss, Mytravel...
How does it work with these things??? please give me a hint somebody cuz i really dont enjoy flying without it ...
thanks Lubos

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I think if you go into the aircraft cfg. file it has the name of each livery and I believe somewhere near the top it has atc_id. Try changing this and see what happens, and look around there to see if anything is missing. 😀


I wonder what this 'Quantas' is? Is it related somehow to the Australian airline, Qantas?

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