..virtual cabin?

Ryan F. Guest

Hey everyone.. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good freeware download to enable me to "walk" around the virtual cabin in my aircrafts.

I am currently using something called F1 Views, which I found through a post here at FlyAway, but it does nothing except take the restriction off the length you can move the view left/right, forward/backward and up/down. It takes forever to get back into the cabin with this, becuase it moves so slowly.

Thanks in advance!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

That and Active Camera are the only two that I know of, and Active Camera is pay-ware.



Ryan F. Guest

Yes, Active Camera is excellent -- I've tried the demo.

I just don't have a credit card of my own to buy things online... I'm only 17.

(I'm out of a job right now too, lol)

thanks for your help tho radarman 😀

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