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I'm cruising at FL255 on my way from KSFO to KJFK in my A320 at 300 on my airspeed indicator. All of a sudden it drops down to 250 and then way down to 150. My authothrottle reves to full power, obviously, to compensate and then my guages correct and I'm suddenly at 375, which is 25 overpeed. Oops! I know now that I'm going to get dinged for going overspeed in this airplane, but it was a bad guage that caused it.

1) What causes the airspeed indicator to go haywire other than just beign broken?

2) Anyway I can declare bad guages so that I don't get dinged with it at the end of my flight (in the FSPassenger report)?

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Pitot Heat! I'm not sure about your A320, but the default 777 doesn't have a cockpit switch for it, you have to push Shift-H, or something like that...have I mentioned lately that I hate the default 777? Oh, I have! Well, I need to say it again. lol

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Pitot heat may come on with the de-Ice system, no way to tell in the default Boeing 777. Don't forget to turn in de-Ice systems with a temp. below zero degrees C in the clouds. 🙂

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CRJCapt wrote:

Pitot heat may come on with the de-Ice system, no way to tell in the default Boeing 777. Don't forget to turn in de-Ice systems with a temp. below zero degrees C in the clouds. 🙂

It absolutely does not, because I had the same problem flying San Fran to Sydney, my entire airspeed system failed, showing 0 knots, I assumed FSPax had blown out the Pitot/Static system(although altitude was still working). I checked the de-ice switch, which was on, so I declared an emergency and diverted to Honolulu, where I was docked for declaring an emergency when none-existed...

Stupid 777. P.S. I sold it and bought a 747...

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Shift-H is a necessity. It is a omission of FS not to give you any way to know if pitot heat is on or not. There are a number of planes that will exhibit the problem of deice being on, but not pitot heat.

The reason FSP says no emergency existed is because the limited criteria it uses in determining an emergency condition, do not take into account that you can't determine your airspeed.

When it does happen, hit shift H until it corrects itself. Look at your GPS ground speed and your altitude. Do the math to determine your approximate airspeed. Oh yes, shtift Z will give you the winds at your altitude so you can factor that in as well.

One other thing. At the first sign of a percipitous drop in IAS, disengage A/T and use your throttle to get back to where it at least sounds normal.

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Can you guys believe that I've been flying on and off for almost a year and I just learned something new (and that has happened to me as well)? I wish somebody would like post a list of things that could happen, I'd have some fun reading that.

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