FS2004 crashes to desktop...help?

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Someone know of the problem? I start FS and it goes to blackscreen, and then jumpes back to the desktop...would be glad for any good response! 😀

It is my brothers pc and he says that this has never happened before...

Computer specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2500+
Motherboard: MSI MS6712
RAM: 512 mb DDR-SDRAM PC2700
Graphics: ATI Radeon 9600 Atlantis

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The first thing I would do is take the cover off the case and clean the fans, dust can build up quickly.

If that doesn't do it delete FS9 CFG and let the sim rebuild it, that should help.

If not, come on back and we'll try other ideas.


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Thx for the reply 😀

This does not work with me...The problem is that FS9.exe is running (without seeing the program) and using almost all of the CPU for ap. 10 min, than it says something went wrong and if I want to report the problem...ive tried to reinstall FS9, and the same problem occured. Confused Crying or Very sad

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I don't know if you cleaned your fans or not but you can try this to shut down some of the programs running in the background and that'll free up some of your ram.



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I cleaned my fans, yes. Now I have got so far that i can determine the problem to be with the fullscreen. I went to fs9.cfg and edited show_fullscreen=1 to 0. FS opened in a window, but when tried to make it fullscreen (ctrl + alt + enter) the whole computer went crazy. I also downloaded the newest drivers from ATI. Weird problem I got? 😛

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frequent flyer: I have the same problem, but I think its a Radeon issue and I have yet to find a fix? I am running with a X800XT Platinum Edition and I have 1.5Gb of Ram and I get the black screen on the Executable then a crash back to Windows??

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Try the Omega drivers instead of the standard ATI ones, they are much better...


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