FS 2004 crashes with no reasons or info

john lund Guest

Well people may remember me as my computer kept on crashing and reebooting when running Fs2004. Well thanks to meylan, cheers pal, I have cured this fault. So if your computer reboots and windows says it's a driver problems reduce you hardware accelaration for your sound card to basic setting.

Anyway I have a new problem. Flight sim just crashes to desktop and when i send an error report i get nothing in return. Any ideas anyone once again.

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lkw First Officer

Don't know if this is your problem but may be of interest.

john lund Guest

Nope that didn't fix it. Whilst sorting out my last problem i updated the systems bios and i get odd shapes appear for a split second and then they are gone around the screen. How can i revert back to my default bios driver. I am going to try this if not as arni once said ill be back 😂

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Do you have IE Beta 7.


john lund Guest

Hi radarman No is the answer to your question im running 6.0.2

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Open your case and clean the fans and especially the heatsink, overheating can cause problems like that, so can faulty scenery.
If you've added anything recently remove it and see if that's the problem.

Two of the many possible solutions.


meylan Guest

ah up john ,sounds like your having a nightmare , ive read a few fs crashes to desk top on this site it really can be any one of many things im having a simlar problem but it crashes when i take a screen shot and im almost certain its because im low on ram .

youve probably done this but just type in google "fs9 crashes to desktop" and loads of entries come up ,

also i came across a good tech site the other day while trying to rid my system of malware ,spyware ect .youll have to register (its free) and theres loads of differrent forums, theres a games forum .i went on the security forum and was replied to very quickly and was told to download various programmes and post reports back ,let them know your pc skill level (beginner, expert) and theyll deal with you acordingly. the security forum is very popular and i know the games forum isnt as popular so you may have wait a little while for a reply. hope this helps heres the link

http://www.techguy.org/ 🙂

john lund Guest

ok thanks maylan. I am also talking to just flight forum as well. Trying anything at the moment.

For radarman I have cleaned the inside of my machine again and had no joy. Going to download latest update from nvidia unless you know not too.

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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

I used to have those kinds of problems and I used to get so irritated by it. John Lund my case was because I had some program installed which cause the FS2004 to crash. For my case, could be yours, the problem was the following: as I had updated my graphics card to the GeForce MX 4000 128 MB, it was incompatible with my motherboard and caused other games like GTA: Vice City to crash too. Now that was over three years ago. Can you tell me you PC spec and let me see if I can help. Also, another problem I had was that the computer was restarting randomly. It took me 5 months to realize that it was my dahm 56k modem that was causing it.

johnlund Guest

Funny you mention about modem becuase I had a Neodragon 56k modem and when my computer reset the error recorded by Microsoft was the the modem so I changed it and that removed that fault code but the fault symptoms still existed. Then the fault diagnosed by micosoft was a driver error with no specifics.

Well i hope to run Fs2004 tonight so watch this space.

john lund Guest

computer spec is as follows MSI PT8 NEO motherboard with 1GB ram and a 2.6Ghz P4 dual processor. Nvidia 6600LE 256Mb graphics card Phoniclite 56k modem and Firewire pci board

john lund Guest

Well i have upated graphics drivers and still no change. I get short sharp shapes on the screen and the aircraft bounces when on the ground and i change views.

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