UK Only - Clearance of my FS2004 add-on collection

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UK ONLY - FS2004 Clearance ! (PayPal only)

FS2004 add-ons available from:

[EDIT: All sold now so I've removed email address]

(If you wish to buy an add-on, send an email stating which
one you would like, if I still have it, I'll then invite you to pay
using PayPal to the above email address. Be sure to include your full
postal address with your payment!)

Postage is £1 for a single add-on, £1.50 for two add-ons, £2 for
three add-ons, then a FIXED £3 for anyone that buys four or
more add-ons.

All are 100% genuine boxed original add-ons from my own
collection that I am now clearing. All are as new condition.

All add-ons are £10 each. If you wish to buy 10+, email
me for a price.


Those remaining as of 23 March 2006:

<<<<< [EDITED] - Sorry all sold now ! >>>>>

Aviation DVDs - for sale; also £10 each

CCM (A319, ATR42, Fokker 100)
ITVV Boeing 777-200

Please only email with genuine enquiries.

This Post will be deleted in 3 days.

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