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I need some help, I'm going nuts here. I've downloaded a C17, with a not-so-good panel. Changed the panel.cfg to use the default 747 panel. Panel works fine, but I only got the main panel, no side views and importantly, no VC.

I've even copied the complete panel folder to the C17 panel folder, including the panel.cfg and all files, but still no side views and no VC. I'm probably doing something very fundamentally wrong. I'll appreciate all the help I can get.

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the vc is within the model. gauges are set onto the model with specified bitmaps, so the pfd goes on $panel1

i hope you understand this, it's the simplest explanation i could think of.

failing that you can always use 2d sideviews...

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Welcome to the forums Paxter!

As usual 'hinch' is right and makes complete sense 😀

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Thanks for the help, guys. Never thought of the model. I'll concentrate on the 2D views.

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