NoWorries Air accepts new CRJ

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Well, I don't know how good it turned out, because I'm running it on my laptop, which has possibly the worst video card ever, but I'm pretty happy with it so flies really nice, even without a joystick, the landing was a little tricky though! lol

This is the acceptance flight from where we bought the plane at Boeing Field(I don't know where Bombarier...err...Canadair...manufactures their planes) from Project Opensky and flew it to our hub at San Fran International.

Shamu 1 took off from SeaTac and we were wingtip to wingtip for a portion of the flight. Eeep.

Cruising FL33, ground speed 480 knots 😎

Turned off the autopilot at the last second and overrotated...but amazingly I still got her down!

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That's a nice livery for the CRJ. I never liked the looks of the CRJ much (I know, it's a matter of taste), but this livery makes that a/c look less 'dart' -like. It gives it some presence Yes

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Cool, thanks.

I was originally going for a Ying-Yang thing, but then I realized that the dots were kind of Cliche...but then I realized that the big blob of black in the middle breaks up the longness of the plane.

This thing gets way better gas mileage than my 737, and carries 90% of the people...hmmm...I'm glad I found it.

It needs a "Fly Happy" somewhere on it, as that is something her big sister, our 747-400 has painted on the rudder.

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If I was artistically inclined, I would do something to the nose... make it look less pointy 🤔

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hinch Chief Captain

top tip: remove the mip maps!! they are eeeeevil. save in dxt3 or 32bit without mip maps.

it reminds me of a sausage cow, and cow print is good + i like the crj series.

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