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Aircraft: Howard 500 - Passenger in blue and bronce
Flight Date: 26 March 2006
Departure: 14h23 (14h24 GMT)
Arrival: 14h56 (14h57 GMT)
From: DRRN - Diori Hamani - Niger
To: DRRN - Diori Hamani - Niger
Nbr of Passengers: 30

Incident Report:

A window cracked at high altitude causing considerable decompression damage. There was an exceptional pilot on board and despite the dire situation he was able to land the aircraft safely. The Captain has also declared an emergency before landing.


Flight Distance: 1 km Landing Speed: 159.27 Km/h
Time Airborne: 00h27:01 Landing Touchdown: -136.9 ft/m (kiss)
Flight Time (block): 00h33:42 Landing Pitch: 5.14°
Time On Ground: 00h07:46 Landing Weight: 15414 kg
Average Speed: 2.22 Km/h Total Fuel Used: 265 kg
Max. Altitude: 5018m Fuel Not Used: 2498 kg
Climb Time: 00h07:03 Climb Fuel Used: 150 kg
Cruise Time: 00h10:02 Cruise Fuel Used: 48 kg
Average Cruise Speed: 216.35 Km/h (M0.18 ) Cruise fuel/hour: 288 kg (calc)
Descent Time: 00h09:56 Descent Fuel Used: 66 kg

Passenger Opinion: Never fly again with this company (35%)
-Were in a better mood because they had food.
-Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience.
-Were angry because some passengers were badly injured.
-Were terrified because of the problem during flight.
-Were relieved to land safely after an emergency.

Financial Report:

Ticket Income: +8€ (1 km)
Cargo Income: +0€ (64 kg)
Services Income: +0€ (0 sandwich 0 hot food 0 drink)
Services Cost: -0€ (50% quality)
Emergency Bonus: +0€ (600 failure point)
Fuel Cost: -262€ (265 kg 100LL)
Airport Taxes: -24€ (Small Aircraft)
Insurance Costs: -0€ (4.25% rate)
Total Real Income: -277€
Total Income: -13'864€ (real x50)
Fleet Bonus: 0€ (3 aircraft ,no flights today)
Total Sim Income: -13'864€ (total income+fleet bonus)

Company Reputation:

Considering that the flight was very bad,the tickets price normal,and there was no service aboard,passengers on this flight think that your company's reputation should be 35%
Your company reputation is now: 91% (-5.67 decrease)

Overall Flight Result: Perfect

Pilot Bonus points: 800 points
You made a very smooth landing. (+50)
There was a problem aboard and you declared an emergency. (+150)
A serious problem occurred during flight but you landed safely, nice job. (+600)

I was hearing the wind whistle in my aircraft...Great experience... ❗ 😉

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Cool ive never had that one before..

Well done!!

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Doyley wrote:

Cool ive never had that one before..

Well done!!

Neither do i...I thought that the only damages was stacking gears,icey flaps,and birds attacks... 😉

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Nicely done, Greekman! 👍

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