Money and Ranking Stored in FSpax?

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Anyone know where the money and ranking is stored in fspax??

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Why?Do you want to cheat??? 😂 😉

You can put your question to their forums...Maybe someone could lead you... 😉

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Odyssey First Officer

If you start the flight as normal and go into the FSPax menu using the Alt button you will find the info on the company managment section.

Od 🙂

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Hi again,NO I dont want to cheat Whip
The reason is that I am running two harddrives,both loaded with full XP and all my programs.The 2nd (older drive) is going to another pc and have transferred all I want off it to the new drive,except my ranking and money from fspax

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Have a look at this ➡

and this ➡

Seems that you dont search-enough- their forums and FAQ's Umm... 😀 😉

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You are a wise man Bow Down GM

Maybe it was a test 😉 But seeing I am a rich man again lets have a drink

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