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Can someone tell me where the Tutorials are hidden in FS2002? In FS 2000 they were at Flights -->Select Flight --> Tutorial X. Can't find them in FS 2002. Maybe I should have started looking 2 years ago when I bought the package!


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😀 Hello
Im having abit of a sort out with my hard drive and have just removed fs2002 but if I remember its in the help section(or am I thinking of something else?)
Let me know and I will reinstall

Laura Guest

Thanks for your reply. I looked again under Library/Help on the opening screen of FS. Included is Ralph Machado's Ground School, which seems to contain the same tutorials as were present in FS 2000, but only in print. I can't find the actual set of 16 or so tutorials. I'll appreciate any help but don't want you to go to any trouble. Thanks,

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Crying or Very sad Ive reinstalled and it looks like I was thinking of the aircraft handbooks
What exactly were you looking for(I know the tutorials,but what?)

Ive got fs2000 here somewhere Ermm... Looks like my little lady Devil was right .............I can't find anything in here Doh!


Laura Guest

What I'm looking for are tutorials 1 - 14 that were included in FS version 2000. Tutorials 1 - 9 involve skills needed for the Private Pilot Checkride; tutorials 10 - 14 are for the instrument rating checkride. In FL2000 these are found under Flight --> Select Flight then the tutorials are listed.

I reloaded my old FS 2000, but the vocal part isn't working. These tutorials were really great - can't believe they would have been left out of FL 2002.

Thanks for taking the time to check!

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