Have you tried F1 Ground Environment ?

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I bought it without a second hesitate, coz I want to do everything to improve the ground scenery. But I didn't have time to play after I installed. Can someone give me some feedback?

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hinch Chief Captain

it looks exactly the same as using the freeware reality pack 😕

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Bindolaf Captain

I don't know about the freeware reality pack, but GE looks damn fine. Don't expect everything to turn real all of a sudden, the effect is subtle - but powerful. Contours are better, colors are more realistic, curves are softer, towns look better. I did not regret buying it. Up to you Wink

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

link please? how much does it cost?

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Ground Environment

All I can say it's well worth the money and less hassle than using the reality pack. I highly reconmend it. I've had it installed for less than a week and well worth £18. I have all the sliders to max and WHAT a difference it makes.

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