Ground Environment help please.

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When I load the CD for Ground Environment all i get is an error message saying the following.

Executable 'E:\setup.exe' has the following unrecoverable error:
Couldn't find library MSVCR80.dll (C:\Progra-1\WifD1FN1\mpShHook.dll)

Any ideas where the MSVCR80.dll file is or where it needs to go?

Thanks in advance.

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Ok I found my MSVCR80.dll and you can pick it up here ➡

The Download Link is toward the bottom of the page. I'll try and give you the correct path:

Local Disk (X) / WINDOWS / WinSxS / x86_Microsoft.VC80.CRT_ etc

NOTE: I didn't spell out the whole name of the folder because it's too long - I'll probably make a mistake. There is only one VC80.CRT folder anyway.

So inside this folder I have 3 .dlls.


I hope this solves your problem Mustangpilot Hack


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mustangpilot Trainee

WOW!! 😳 Than you 😀

I'll give it a crack Read

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