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Crying or Very sad yep iv done it again iv just mest up big time we have just had very bad weather in Manchester and the roof were my flight sim is has leaked and the pc is sopping wet through so i don't no what to do looks like my flight sim days are over for a bit i think iv put the PC on the heater for a bit so i hope that works also gone in with a hair dryer not just that my disk 4 of msf2004 was in it and it is scratched so if u have a spear copy of the disk 4 ill be very happy if i can not fix it its all over and i will be sad to see it go.i would like to thank all of u for your help over the past few weeks .tazz126 Crying or Very sad

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😳 I hope you are on a spare PC now 😳
To help it dry out take the side panels off and then leave it in a warm room for at least a week
As for disk 4 ,just use the nocd crack 😉

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ste (tazz126) First Officer

iv not herd of that what is it and how do u use it
cd crack

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RadarMan Chief Captain

NO-CD Crack.
Just follow the directions in the read-me that is in with the crack, it's very easy.
This is the one to use if you have used the patch that MS supplied a while back. (9.1).

This is the one to use if you didn't patch it. (9.0).

You can also contact MS and they'll send you a new #4 disk.


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ste (tazz126) First Officer

thanks radar man your just i don't no the guru of flight sim and please take that as a compliment thanx again

steve aka tazz126

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WarHawk42 Captain

Unplug the computer and let it thoroughly dry out. It it isn't turned on while wet there is a good chance there will be no damage.

You can use a hair dryer as suggested, just be careful with it. They can generate considerable heat and could melt plastic componets.

There are two NO-CD cracks, one for version 9.0 and another for version 9.1. Just use the right one and you won't need disk #4.

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ste (tazz126) First Officer

thanx warhawk for the Intel i just hope its OK the PC I'm on this mo is my dads and the other is the R.A.F.caddet forces but i bought it for them not just that there is over 90h work on there with aircraft and scenery files iv built so touch wood as they say


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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

it must really be boring without your flight sim, we are with you

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