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How can I take a screen shot from within FS2004? Does this require an add-on program?

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😀 Hello
The easy way is to d/load a prog called screen hunter found and recommended by Radar

I think there is a post on how to set it up in the forum(its easy)

You can find it here ➡

The free version will see you ok

Good luck


Umm... looks like my trusty old keyboard is giving up as I had to edit this to put the Ns in Hack perhaps if I give it a good shake

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I'll try it.

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Don't forget that when you press PrtScn (Print Screen) on the keyboard it copies the screen to the clipboard. So then all you have to do is ALT-TAB into Photoshop or whatever and paste it in. That's how I do mine. And it's free 🙂



The program tomthetank worked very well and was easy to set up. Now all I have to do is press a hot key of my choice (in my case PRINT SCRN) and the picture is automatically saved to my selected location in either .jpg, .gif, or bmp format. And best of all it is free!

Thanks tomthetank!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Glad you like it
Don't forget that if you want to post a couple of screenshots on this site you must save them as Jpegs

Happy snapping


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Go here download his free program, it's the best to change screen shots into jpegs and to resize or crop them. Don't forget to register it so you won't get the "nag screen".


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jelami First Officer

Thanks for the link 🙂

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