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I’m using FS2004 and trying to learn to drive the vanilla C-172. I wondered whether there is any download available to remind me of the checks (eg: pre-take off; startup; downwind) I need to go through at the various stages. Maybe on-screen or audio prompts (which I’ll presumably need to type in prior). That way I should learn to do them all, and in sequence.

Any ideas?

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Welcome to Flyaway sabrepoint! 🍻

I know nothing about the vanilla C-172 but many here do - a little patience and you'll be overwhelmed with good advice! 😀

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Following Tailhook ,i only can welcome you to Fly-Away. ❗ 😀

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Welcome to Flyaway Sabrepoint. 🍻

Real pilots accomplish the required checks with paper checklist instead of memorization or computers. Some more sophisticated aircraft have electronic checklists displays similar to what you already have in Flight Simulator. The real pilots must still call up the proper checklist at the proper time on the display unit. Learning to read the correct checklist at the proper time is part of learning to fly. The electronic knee board is handy or you can construct your own paper checklist using the knee boards format. You can use pre-printed checklists, below are links for free checklists. 🙂

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learn in this bad boy:

i wish i had it when i was learning. it's a bargain, and it also goes through checklists with you.

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Thanks guys.

You can see why I'm only a 'trainee'. I got FS a couple of weeks ago, had a look at features and promptly forgot about the kneepad checklist! Embarassed It looks like it will do the trick.


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