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Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota: B -1 Bomber Hangar Foam Fire Extinguishing System test. The test was only suppose to last a few seconds. 😂

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Nice find there 👍

Reminds me of the good old foam party's I used to goto. They where so much fun

Liono.......Party hard

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Great find! ROFL


Actually, the system appears to have functioned properly. The test is supposed to last long enough to obtain a minimum of 1 meter of foam throughout the hangar bay. And it must do so in 4-minutes or less. This system did so in 2-minutes, but the foam supply was not shut off for 8-minutes(?).

Story I heard was the guy who was supposed to shut off the foam decided it would be a good idea to watch the test from inside the hangar. . . . apparently it wasn't a "good idea."

This is also "old news" the test was back around August of '05.[/code]

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