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There's a London boat show, a car show and a motorcycle show, and, for the third year running, there’s a London air show. Fly! is on again this year and it promises to be even bigger and better. The London Air Show takes place at Earl's Court exhibition centre over the weekend of 21st, 22nd and 23rd April.

As well as the chance to buy that new plane you've promised yourself, you can visit the Just Flight stand to see, fly and buy our latest products. There are some great savings to be made and you can also take part in a fantastic show competition to win a bumper software prize. The show boasts a special area dedicated to simulation (even bigger than last year) and is a must-see for any simmer who can get to London.

Tickets are £13 in advance for Saturday and Sunday or £18 in advance for Friday 21st (press day). Pop over to the show website at to order your tickets.

Whether you are a pilot, a virtual pilot, have a passion for anything airborne or simply want to find out more about flying, Fly! is the show to attend. The exhibitors promise that it will be packed with all types of general aviation, sporting and recreational aircraft and you’ll be able to see everything from light aircraft and helicopters to microlights and gliders, equipment and technology, air charter companies, flying clubs, schools and associations, air sports, services, accessories and clothing all under one roof.

Come over and say hello to Just Flight on Stand F116

Taken from an e-mail from Just Flight

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

So CT,

Does that mean your coming back to the sunny UK for the weekend or are you going to give the expo a miss.

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ceetee Chief Captain

Well Liono, I'd love to but unfortuantly I don't have a spare $1,149.50 spare 😉

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