737 arrival runway

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I'm flying the 737 pic


1. How to load a fsnav flightplan in the 737 pic FMC ?

2. How do you know the active landing runway on arrival airport when when entering fmc before departing?

Please advice;

Thanks Alex

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Batte Guest

question 1 solved!

first load it in to fs2004 flightplan
then in the fmc - push button request flightplan and you are all set.

question 2 still unsolved... please help!!


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Determine runway in use from ATIS. If no ATIS, ATC will advise, plan runway most aligned with wind direction. Take into consideration runway length. 🙂


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Well, the answer to question 2 is... you don't know. There are ways to anticipate, but you can't know for sure.

Clue #1: Check the weather at the arrival airport. If wind is for example 340 at 14 knots and the runways are 31 and 13 for example, you can anticipate 31. Winds could shift of course by the time you actually arrive. Also, if there is a 31L and a 31R... you can't know which (look at #2 below).

Clue#2: Knowing the airport. For example, I know that in LGAV (runways 03L, 03R, 21L, 21R) usually it's 03L/21R for arrivals and 03R/21L for departures. So if the wind is 340 at 14 knots, I'll be expecting 03L for my arrival. What if I don't know the airport?

Clue#3: Check the ATIS. It will show which is the active. Again, it may change by the time you get to your destination.

What to do with the FMC? Program the probable approach, then switch en route as information becomes available.

N.B.: Some of the above may not be possible with crappy default ATC.

batte Guest

this would mean you only know your landing runway when you get in close to your arrival airport and can tune to atc freq.

so there is no way to be sure when at departing airport what runway is in use at arrival airport to planning flightplan and program fmc to star and arrival runway ?

? alex

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You can guess based on the current winds but unless it only has one appropriate runway, you can't be sure. 🙂

batte002 Guest

thanks for the help and advice guys

sweet flying


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