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Hi all,

I've bought the 737 Pilot in command and installed the patch after installation.

While my preparations for my flight I must "setup" my CDU.
The CDU ask "add the fixes in sequency".
So I put in the fix but he keeps saying
"not in database"

Is the fix (waypoint) wrong?

(Flight: EBBR -> EGLL. The fixes(waypoints): CI27R,FI27R (near heathrow))

Many greets

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I hve this problem aswell and I dont think there anything that can be done. You can only program fixes that are Named Intersections and not any Unamed Intersections like CI27 or FI27

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but i've got this checklist delivered with my cd-rom 😛

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There is another option when you get to the RTE page push Requst and your route will be automaticly programed into the FMC

pleee Guest

K thx!!!

But one more question
When you push on the Battery switch (overhead panel more above on the middle-left side) does it changeor not?

I have no reaciton when I push it


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