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For months i've been searching and searching for a decent 787 and now I have found one. 😀

Take a look....



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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Very nice indeed Group Wave

Does it have a nice panel?


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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

No, i'm afraid not 😞

Probably partly due to the fact that Boeing have only released a few images of it 😉

Hopefully someone will model one soon

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hinch Chief Captain

the problem is coding such advanced avionics is a very hard task - particulaly since it should be done in vectors not bitmaps. i have managed to complete my first vector attitude gauge, and afull pfd is what i'm looking into 😳

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Tailhook Chief Captain

A dedicated site - nice find pilotwannabe 👍

The -800 model by Robert Versluys has been released almost two years ago. Very polished - easy to fly, that's probably due to an improvised FDE.

I'm looking forward to compare your find with the Robert Versluys model 😀

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain
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lkw First Officer

Good find am enjoying a lot. 👍 👍

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