Speed limits and vertical speed indicators.

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What is the ideal climb and descent rates? I usually descend at 1800 fpm, and climb at 3400 fpm. Am i doing correct?

Also, i know tht u cant be above 250 knots below 10000, but usually when i climb and try to keep below 250 knots, my speed decreases quite quickly and i have to push it above 250. any suggestions

Also, how do you increase the time accelerator or wht ever tht is called?

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Routine descent rate: 1500-2500 FPM.
Climb: Below 10,000 Ft-250 KIAS
----------------10,000 Ft-FL 280-290 to 310 KIAS*
----------------FL280 to cruise altitude-Mach .70 to .74*
Climb rates are whatever she will do with climb power at above speeds. 🙂

*Depends on aircraft type

As you climb, you will have to decrease climb rate to maintain speed, this is normal. If the aircraft is heavily loaded, you may be unable to reach aircrafts maximum altitude until you burn off fuel.

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You increase the Time Accelerator by pressin "R" and "+" together to increase (2x, then 4x, then 8x, then 16x which is the maximum if you are using Autopilot) or "R" and "-" to decrease.


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You climb at speeds in general....depends on aircraft economy settings etc etc

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Ok, I was flying just a min ago to cruising altitude when at FL260 i saw my speed at 230 KIAS and my aircraft was at 15º up to maintain the vertical speed to 1800 fpm. What am i doing wrong? And btw, what should the nose of the aircraft's pitch be at cruising altitude? Is 6º ok at FL280?

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it completely depends on the craft and what you are doing. in a small cessna for example the climb rate is whatever it takes to keep 80knots. in a 737 it is the most economical climb.

descending is whatever will bring you into the airport in time. usually around 2000ft/min then 800ft/min as you come closer. they are my rough guidelines for my pilatus pc12 (which could to 5000ft/min either way anyhoo)

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