VFR Scenery for Scotland?

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Hi new co-pilot here, i mainly fly from either Aberdeen or Glasgow to Stanstead and then onto Salzburg.

Brilliant for the Alps in the background 🙂

anyhoo. im looking to know of any VFR scenery for Scotland. can see lots for England and abroad. but i want on for Scotland..

Addons- FS Terrain, FS traffic 2004, Eurowings Commuter.

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I hope you can find something that you like.

http://www.visualflight.co.uk/scotflight/ has some for sale

http://walhalla.mine.nu/fs2004/whatsnew.php Long list, check it out.


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...... and also at
- some free and P2P
Includes Forth Bridges/Edinburgh/Dundee/Glasgow - by Iain Gallacher, a scenery maestro/

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