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When I am at an airport and I am about to leave, I have to back up. Now the reverse thrusters are too unstable and dangerous. Is there anyother way that you can have somthing like those little cars or somthing back you out of the parking space.

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Pushback can be done by pressing the "Shift+P" keys, and you can press 1 or 2 to turn tail right/left.

This is in the kneeboard commands, I downloaded and printed them out, it's 3 pages if you want it you can find it here.

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After you press the number 1 or number 2 key it may look like nothing is going to happen. The pushback will continue for maybe 15 seconds before the plane starts to turn. Be patient and the plane will turn. 😂

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Yes, that's right. Paiute is right. I had that problem 5 days ago, approximately. You have to be patience and wait a few seconds, and the plane will turn.

MS should do it in a more easy way. When you press 1 or 2 the plane had to turn instantaneously. I hope to see that in FS2006.

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