USA Roads for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Am I the only one here that's has seen this (soon to be for sale) new add-on.
The moment I saw it I decided that when the CD is ready I'll buy it.
What a terrific idea, you can now follow the roads, highways, freeways to wherever you want to go.
Just the thing for the barnstormers in all of us!


Screen Shots.

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jelami First Officer

Tis is very cool, I would go for it Group Wave

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BearsdenRed Trainee

lets hope they do a UK version next way impressed.... 😂

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rednun Trainee

They look absolutely stunning.

With LOD9 meshes from NASA, corrected landclass files from the community and now these accurate roads, for under 3Gb the USA will never look better.

I am still tempted to get my hands dirty and insert satellite bitmaps for my house and surrounding neighborhood though. With these roads, I may even be able to work out where the house is supposed to be...

As someone pointed out in their forums, accurate railroads (especially the depos) are equally important to a pilot.

Should be out soon by the looks of things in the forums.

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BearsdenRed Trainee

ill defo be getting it, makes the flights over USA more appealling, im sticking to flying out of Glasgow just now and heading to 5 destinations.

Rome, Oslo, New York, Mosocow, Madrid.

Going to go from Heathrow to Hong kong 😛

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

It looks neat, I dunno if i'd buy it, I'm more into seeing other airplanes and stuff than i am into looking out the window, cause at FL350, you can't see much.

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