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After I bought Flightsim 2002 I emailed Microsoft and informed them that they had missed an airfield off their game. Anyone that has visited Walt Disney World in Florida will know Walt Disney had his own landing strip on Disney property (right behind the present ticket and transportation centre). At the moment the airfield isn't used but I thought they might include it on the game as the landing strip is still fully in tact.

When they released flight sim 2004 I rushed it home eager to see if they had followed up on my suggestion but much to my dissapointment they hadn't. I believe you can load up 'Epcot' as a hellipad launch point but definately no disney landing strip.

Can anyone else think why this is or know of any other airfields that are missing of the game?

Does anyone have any ideas how I might get microsoft to include the disney landing strip in FS2006??



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This is their feedback site for the Flight Sim.

Good luck!

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